MOSAICS & GLASS TILE: Milstone - 1"x6" Lava Sri Lanka Brick Mosaic (11.8"x14.75")

This handmade material is made from lava stone, which is a natural stone produced from volcanic activity. The manufacturing technique used to produce this tile is composed of two firing stages: first fire makes the stone ready for absorbing the colored glazing and the second stage is for firing the glaze onto the surface of the stone. The glazes are very high quality and they are mixed with special colored stains. The result of the multi-color is created during the firing process and the fusion of the lava stone with the glaze. This tile should be sealed after grouting and is suitable for walls as well as floors. It is also fine for wet areas such as showers.



SKU: ML98122515

Material Imported glass and mosaic tile sale: Mosaic & Glass Tiles

Color: Sri Lanka

Size: 1"x6" mosaic (11.8"x14.75" sheet)

Sq. Ft. per Box: 1

Wear Rating: 3

Application: Floors, walls, countertops

Frost Proof:


Price per Sq. Ft: $ / Price Each:$27.89

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Milstone - 1"x6" Lava Sri Lanka Brick Mosaic (11.8"x14.75")
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