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Mediterranea USA - Fossil Tile

In every corner of the world, there exist buried natural formations of stone that have been revealed by mankind slowly through the centuries. These formations, cured by ages of exposure to blazing heat and ice cold conditions, feature a pageant of colors and graphics that can spawn countless new design opportunities.

Mediterranea’s design team has sought out the very best of these graphics to create its latest tile series, FOSSIL. Offered in four bold and distinctive colors Amber, Charcoal, Smoke & Silver, Fossil features a vibrant color palette, and the kind of graphic realism that can only be achieved with Mediterranea’s Dynamic HD Imaging™​ inkjet design technology. This process brings out the rich color combinations within each individual tile, and highlights the distinct graphic movements unique to the stones.

Fossil is offered in the popular 12” x 24” format for maximum versatility in both wall and floor installations. Also offered are 12” x 12” mosaic sheets and bullnose trim to complement any design concept.

With its distinctive original graphics and complementary colors, Fossil is the perfect series for consideration by designers and architects seeking an innovative, dramatic look for commercial and fine residential installations.