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Marca Corona - BrickLane Tile

From the famous East London street that inspired this collection, BrickLane tile by Marca Corona is perfect for areas where the focus is on building restoration or creating a simulated look of restoration using a decorative material. The soul of this collection’s character is revealed in the amazing variation of shading within each color, the high variability of graphics creating a look of old plaster on brick (Brick Deco) and the mixing of delicate textures and patterns (Hexagon Deco); all offered in a durable and low-maintenance porcelain tile.
4 colors including Beige, Olive, Red and White,
2 non-rectified sizes including, 3"x12" Brick and a 10"x8.5" Hexagon,
3"x12" Bullnose (Battiscopa) and a 3"x12"x6" Corner Tile (Muretto Angolare),
Available in a Matte finish,
Manufactured in Italy.