MOSAICS & GLASS TILE: Bliss - Deep Grotto Linear Strip Mosaic (12"x12" sheet)


The Bliss Stainless Collection is NOT recommended in the shower or in other wet areas, as the harsh chemicals used to clean bath & shower areas will corrode the stainless steel. Water is not the main concern with stainless steel, but more so with the cleaning agents and abrasives.


SKU: AC35-046

Material Imported glass and mosaic tile sale: Mosaic & Glass Tiles

Color: Deep Grotto

Size: 12"x12" sheet

Sq. Ft. per Box: 1

Wear Rating:

Application: Walls

Frost Proof:


Price per Sq. Ft: $ / Price Each:$14.69

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Total Price:

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Bliss - Deep Grotto Linear Strip Mosaic (12"x12" sheet)
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