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Wood Tile

Ceramic or porcelain tile that resembles wood flooring but is more durable than hardwood and much easier to clean!
Alfalux - Tabula Tile

American Olean - Creekwood Tile

American Olean - Harvest Grove Tile

American Olean - Historic Bridge Tile

American Olean - Timberbrook Tile

American Olean - Waterwood Porcelain Tile

Anatolia - Amaya Wood Tile

Anatolia - Aspen Tile

Anatolia - Centurywood Tile

Anatolia - Muskoka Porcelain Tile

Anatolia - Vintagewood Porcelain Tile

Atlas Concorde - Exence Porcelain Tile

Atlas Concorde - Eyr Porcelain Tile

Atlas Concorde - Haven Porcelain Tile

Atlas Concorde - Heartwood Porcelain Tile

Atlas Concorde - Homeland Porcelain Tile

Atlas Concorde - Vik Porcelain Tile

Candia Valpanaro - Urbanedge Tile

Castelvetro - More Tile

Cisa Ceramiche - Blendwood Porcelain Tile

Cisa Ceramiche - Vintage Tile

Colorker - Norden Tile

Colorker - Retro Tile

Elios - Grand Sequoia Tile

Faro - Grand Canyon Tile

Florim USA - Ecowood Tile

Florim USA - IWould Tile

Florim USA - Loft Tile

Florim USA - Pier Tile

Grespania - Sajonia Porcelain Tile

Happy Floors - Acorn Tile

Happy Floors - Alpi Tile

Happy Floors - Asheville Porcelain Tile

Happy Floors - Barnwood Porcelain Tile

Happy Floors - Cypress Tile

Happy Floors - Elegance Tile

Happy Floors - Kiwi Porcelain Tile

Happy Floors - North Wind Tile

Happy Floors - Reclaimed Porcelain Tile

Happy Floors - Reserve Tile

Happy Floors - Tacoma Tile

Happy Floors - Tasmania Porcelain Tile

Happy Floors - Tivoli Tile

Harmony - Columbus Porcelain Tile

Imola - Koala Tile

Interceramic - Amazonia Porcelain Tile

Interceramic - Artisanwood Porcelain Tile

Interceramic - Black Forest Porcelain Tile

Interceramic - Forester Ceramic Tile

Interceramic - Gosford Park Porcelain Tile

Interceramic - Norway Ceramic Tile

Interceramic - Ruidoso Ceramic Tile

Interceramic - Sunwood Pro Tile

Interceramic - Timberwood Porcelain Tile

Interceramic - Walker Porcelain Tile

Interceramic - Wildwood Porcelain Tile

Interceramic - Wood Trails Tile

La Fabbrica - Icon Tile

Landmark Ceramics - Emotion Porcelain Tile

Marazzi USA - American Estates Tile

Marazzi USA - Cathedral Heights Tile

Marazzi USA - Chateau Reserve Tile

Marazzi USA - Edgewood Tile

Marazzi USA - Harmony Tile

Marazzi USA - Knoxwood Tile

Marazzi USA - Merona Porcelain Tile

Marazzi USA - Preservation Tile

Mariner - Petrified Wood Porcelain Tile

Mariner - Tongass Porcelain Tile

Mediterranea USA - Backwoods Porcelain Tile

Mediterranea USA - Boardwalk Porcelain Tile

Mediterranea USA - Martha's Vineyard Porcelain Tile

Milestone - Charleston Porcelain Tile

Milestone - Mood Wood Tile

Milestone/Florim - Lacquered Wood Porcelain Tile

Ragno USA - Cambridge Oak Tile

Ragno USA - Woodcraft Tile

Ragno USA - Woodplace Tile

Rex Ceramiche - I Classici Decowood Tile

Unicom Starker - Cabane Porcelain Tile

Unicom Starker - Kauri Porcelain Tile