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The Etruscans: a great civilisation, a fascinating people who still retains its mystery and its elegance: lovers of art and of life, knowledgeable craftsmen who were able to transform clay into very elegant masterpieces with a high expressiv vigour. The Etruscans, our fathers. At the feet of the Cimini mountains, Viterbo, with the ancient Surrena, was the beating heart of that great artistic laboratory that embellished art and the ceramic tradition with original elements which were then passed onto the Romans and from the Romans down to us enriched with two thousand years of aesthetic and productive evolution. A long and ininterrupted path through the progress: the yesterdays, todays and tomorrows contained in the art of firing clay. It's a thousand year-old history with its knowledge, its craft, its aesthetics and its architecture that Vallelunga trademark is reinterpreting with refinement, style, chromatic equilibrium and imagination. It's the trademark stamped on wall and floor coverings that represents the great artistic tradition of the viterbese territory that at the same time are able to conjugate and express the contemporary trends. Vallelunga proposes a civilisation for the man who lives.